Assignment #6 Analyzing an Ad.

Newspaper Ad

This advertisement was found in the Denver Post this last week. The dullness of the colored print is what caught my eye.Definitley there is a difference from print color and those of other graphic design programs such as Photoshop. Although the design of the ad did not do anything for me. The emphasis is of  Dental implants. But without the text being utilized within content of the ad it does not clearly come across as being a Dental ad. Looking at the subjects without the text could have been an ad for just about anything. The space around the subjects is a bit much for the ad because there again the emphasis is not flowing with the ad nor the text. The shapes, texture and values to the best of my knowledge are not present. I think the subjects could have flowed better in an ad for maybe a retirement center or even a cruise for retirement folks. Then of course your space around the subjects would definitly have to change.


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Project 3-Images 1-16 of Nature

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When working on this project I took photos of the Platte River here in Denver, Colorado. I took these images in color then in B&W. After viewing these images I realized the B&W seemed to add more dramatization to my … Continue reading

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